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Every activist needs an audience

and we're listening

United, the world is ours.
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THIS IS A LIBERAL COMMUNITY. it is to support the liberal and democratic views that so often go unheard over the shouts of bible beating conservatives.

As you can see by the title, this journal is made because every activist needs an audience.This is for people who have an idea, a plan, a concrete opinion, and would like to share it with the world.

A few simple rules:

1. The idea of this site is for people to raise their voice. Every time you raise your voice, you put yourself out into the spotlight for riticule. Be prepared.

2. No petty arguements. If you disagree with someone, please have reasons other than "you sux0r omfg". Back up your side with facts, reasons, etc.

--stanchly closeminded opinions
--bible beating
--flaming of other users
Its my community, and i hate these things. therefore i disallow them. Gentle poking around is fine. But if i should sense any sincerety to anything, it will be deleted and you will be blocked. We will also find out where you live and break your windows.

Off topic and short entries are allowed, as long as they are not unrealistic.It should have some slight relation to the community. Very very long or indepth entries should be put behind lj cuts for the sake of our members friends pages.

If you need me you can catch me at:

my livejournal: Turnedtogrey
AIM: Purple x rage
or email me: wildflowerzkmm@yahoo.com

i also maintain another livejournal community for conor oberst: