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oooooo, very cool site. i like. if only i could register to vote...not till this summer. But it really is easy, i've been going around with forms registering ppl, and then i just take a bundle over to the office, and its SO easy. Plus, i always assumed i'd register as independent, but it gives u so much more control if you register as democrat, cuz then you at least have some say in the primary. and using yr voice in as many ways as possible is def the most important thing. that's waht democracy is supposedly about, right? not about the media and all the bullshit garbage it spews out. And not about ABC dropping coverage of 3 candidates just cuz it doesnt agree with their positions or b/c "they're unlikely to win" or whatever. 2 words: Bull. Shit.

not cool man. not cool at all.
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