Just Evan (darkportal) wrote in raise_ur_voice,
Just Evan

my first post here...

well...this is a conversation i had with my friend ella...cuz i had to watch Bill O'Rielly in american studies today...

Ella: i fucking hate bill o-lielly.
Me: so do i...but it was funny...cuz he was yelling at rappers...he had a really bad reason for yelling at them...but it was still funny
Ella: well it is funny when conservatives get angry.
Me: heehee...yes it is...cuz they're all..."liberals are evil! music is corrupting our children! homosexuality is wrong! lets be christian!"...but the best part is when i shoot them

i got a kick out of that
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it would all be in the same breath too

"music is evil our children are being corrupted liberals are bad boo homosexuality!"
O'reilly actually has a lot of good ideas and hes not all about being conservative. yes, he has conservative ideas, but for the most part hes pretty down to earth. read his book, its interesting.
i think bill o' rielly is stupid but conservatives are only a small part of the problem.
Awesome. It's great so see more witty liberals out there. I've never met a stupid person who agrees with my politically. Coincidence? I think not.

Did you read "Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them" by Al Franken? Great book, even though it didn't go quite far enough. I hate Ann Coulter too.